Cumulus: Semantics-Based Analyses for Cloud-Aware Computing

Cumulus is a project funded by the Research Council of Norway 2015-2019. The main goal of Cumulus is to develop a semantic foundation for static analysis techniques for cloud-aware applications. Cloud-awareness enables the software to negotiate its own quality of service and opens for dynamic and fine-grained resource management. This introduces an element of reflection which goes beyond the state of the art in both formal semantics and static analysis. The project will develop a formal foundation for cloud-aware computing and use this foundation to enable the verification of quantitative assertions about the high-level quality of service and low-level resource requirements of cloud-aware applications. The project will develop demonstrators for the approach in terms of semantics-based tools to analyze quantitative assertions for quality of service during the design of such applications. Cumulus will enable a shift in the design of virtualized software from model simulation and monitoring deployed systems to advanced static analyses of worst-case resource requirements early in the software design