Resource-Aware Virtually Timed Ambients


Virtually timed ambients is a calculus of nested virtualization, which models timing and resource consumption for hierarchically structured virtual machines. This structure may change dynamically to support load-balancing, migration, and scaling. This paper introduces resource-awareness for virtually timed ambients, which enables processes to actively query the system about the resources necessary for a task and to reconfigure accordingly. Technically we extend virtually timed ambients with context-expressions using modal logic operators, give a formal semantics for the extension, and define bisimulation for resource-aware virtually timed systems. The paper also provides a proof of concept implementation in Maude and a case study involving dynamic auto scaling.

In Proc. 14th Intl. Conf. on Integrated Formal Methods (iFM 2018), LNCS 11023. © Springer 2018.
Martin Steffen
Martin Steffen