NebulOuS: A Meta Operating System for Brokering Hyper-Distributed Applications on Cloud Computing Continuums

NebulOuS is a Horizon Europe project, funded by the European Commission 2022-2025 (project no 101070516).

NebulOuS will accomplish substantial research contributions in the realms of cloud and fog computing brokerage by introducing advanced methods and tools for enabling secure and optimal application provisioning and reconfiguration over the cloud computing continuum. NebulOuS will develop a novel Meta Operating System and platform for enabling transient fog brokerage ecosystems that seamlessly exploit edge and fog nodes, in conjunction with multi-cloud resources, to cope with the requirements posed by low latency applications. The envisaged solution includes the following main directions of work:
i. Development of appropriate modelling methods and tools for describing the cloud computing continuum, application requirements, and data streams; these methods and tools will be used for assuring the QoS of the provisioned brokered services.
ii. Efficient comparison of available offerings, using appropriate multi-criteria decision-making methods that are able to consider all dimensions of consumer requirements.
iii. Intelligent applications, workflows and data streams management in the cloud computing continuum.
iv. Addressing in a unified manner the security aspects emerging in of transient cloud computing continuums (e.g., access control, secure network overlay etc.).
v. Conducting and monitoring smart contracts-based service level agreements.