Compositional Correctness and Completeness for Symbolic Partial Order Reduction


Partial Order Reduction (POR) and Symbolic Execution (SE) are two fundamental abstraction techniques in program analysis. SE is particularly useful as a state abstraction technique for sequential programs, while POR addresses equivalent interleavings in the execution of concurrent programs. Recently, several promising connections between these two approaches have been investigated, which result in symbolic partial order reduction: partial order reduction of symbolically executed programs. In this work, we provide compositional notions of completeness and correctness for symbolic partial order reduction. We formalize completeness and correctness for (1) abstraction over program states and (2) trace equivalence, such that the abstraction gives rise to a complete and correct SE, the trace equivalence gives rise to a complete and correct POR, and their combination results in complete and correct symbolic partial order reduction. We develop our results for a core parallel imperative programming language and mechanize the proofs in Coq.

Proc. 34th Intl. Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2023). © LIPIcs 2023.