The ABS Simulator Toolchain


ABS is a language for behavioral modeling of distributed, time- and resource-sensitive communicating systems. ABS is based on an executable actor-based semantics with asynchronous method calls, with method call results being delivered via future variables. Data is modeled via a functional, side-effect-free layer of algebraic data types and parametric functions. Actor behavior is expressed in a sequential, imperative way, with explicit suspension points for in-actor cooperative scheduling. A declarative time and resource model allows modeling of time-sensitive actor behavior in a compositional way. A software product line language layer implements model variability via code deltas and feature models. This paper describes the toolchain that makes it possible to simulate ABS models, and lists the most important case studies done with ABS.

Science of Computer Programming 223, 2022. © Elsevier
Rudolf Schlatte
Rudolf Schlatte
Senior researcher