Programming and Debugging with Semantically Lifted States


We propose a novel integration of programming languages with semantic technologies. We create a semantic reflection mechanism by a direct mapping from program states to RDF knowledge graphs. This mechanism enables several promising novel applications including the use of semantic technology, including reasoning, for debugging and validating the sanity of program states, and integration with external knowledge graphs. Additionally, by making the knowledge graph accessible from the program, method implementations can refer to state semantics rather than objects, establishing a deep integration between programs and semantics. This allows the programmer to use domain knowledge formalized as, e.g., an ontology directly in the program’s control flow. We formalize this integration by defining a core object based programming language that incorporates these features. A prototypical interpreter is available for download.

Proc. 18th International Conference on The Semantic Web (ESWC 2021). LNCS 12731. © Springer 2021
Rudolf Schlatte
Rudolf Schlatte
Senior researcher