Formal modeling and analysis of resource management for cloud architectures: an industrial case study using Real-Time ABS


We demonstrate by a case study of an industrial distributed system how performance, resource consumption, and deployment on the cloud can be formally modeled and analyzed using the abstract behavioral specification language Real-Time ABS. These non-functional aspects of the system are integrated with an existing formal model of the functional system behavior, achieving a separation of concerns between the functional and non-functional aspects in the integrated model. The resource costs associated with execution in the system depend on the size of local data structures, which evolve over time; we derive corresponding worst-case cost estimations by static analysis techniques and integrate them into our resource-sensitive model. The model is further parameterized with respect to deployment scenarios which capture different application-level management policies for virtualized resources. The model is validated against the existing system’s performance characteristics and used to simulate, analyze, and compare deployment scenarios on the cloud.

Journal of Service-Oriented Computing and Applications 8 (4):323-339, 2014. © Springer.